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University Level:

Currently on the third year of a BSc Sound Technology course at the University of Glamorgan

Biology: A
Mathematics: B
Chemistry: C
General Studies: B

Dual Science Award: A* / A*
Mathematics: A*
Design and Technology: A
Art and Design: A
Geography: A
English Language: A
English Literature: B
French: B
German: D

My previous jobs have heavily emphasized customer relations, whether through waiting tables, teaching or selling directly to customers. They have also included money handling and till operation. I am a strong public speaker, and have often given presentations or performed to large groups. I am sociable, and get on well with people. I work well with a group, but can also work independently with confidence. My work at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium was excellent practise at working under pressure, as the shifts would involve serving very busy crowds for extended periods.

I am familiar with computers, as I have been around them most of my life. I can confidently use most popular software applications.

For many years now the focus of my hobbies has been music – both in playing and engineering. I play the bass guitar primarily but also dabble in keyboards and guitar. Between volunteer work, hobbies and my course I have covered the basics of recording studio operation, live events, and radio broadcasts. I have also gained a level of proficiency in Cubase, Reason, ProTools and other software systems, and can quickly adapt to systems I'm not yet familiar with. I am also familiar with the basics of analogue recording systems.

My other hobbies include travel, reading and fencing. As an individual, one-on-one sport I find fencing to teach great self-reliance, improvisation and resolve, as well as being a great method of keeping fit.

My last summer was spent helping the noted local covers band Elementry Penguin playing a number of wedding parties across the region. Emphasis was put upon live sound engineering, setting up and clearing equipment, and on one notable occasion even crowd control.

Please email me for details of references, work experience etc. For privacy reasons I cannot share these here.
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