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A selection of my music is hosted here for download, as well as a description of the story behind the song, the methods used, equipment, and lyrics if there ever are any.

Feedback and comments are strongly encouraged, in the usual place.


Posthuman   Listen
Terminal Viscosity Description/Notes Listen
Oceanic Description/Notes Listen
Nocturne II Description/Notes Listen
Sound[e]scape Description/Notes Listen
Underground Flow Description/Notes Listen
Phantasm Description/Notes Listen
Negative Energy Description/Notes Listen
Chromatic Fantasy Description/Notes Listen
Evil Genius Description/Notes Listen

Depending on your browser/plugin settings, they may download or they may stream. If they stream and you wish to download, right click the 'Listen' link, and select 'Save Target As'.




It shouldn't need to be said, but please note that these tracks are for download purely for you to listen to. Sure, stick them on a compilation CD for yourself or on your mp3 player (In fact, write and tell me! I'd love to know!) but any use of what is legally my property for profit or personal gain is a violation of copyright law. And I'll be really upset.


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