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The best way to get something done is to have something less desirable to that urgently needs doing. So what did I do with a compositional report due in the next day, that urgently needed doing?

That's right. Started writing a song.

This is the first time in a while I've used instruments other than keyboards in a recorded song. My main instrument is most definitely bass guitar, an instrument which features prominently here. I started off improvising on the Fretless bass, messing around and generally making things up until I came up with a riff I liked. I set up a very basic drumloop in Reason, and plugged in the bass. Since I was going directly into the computer, I didn't have to worry about the drumloops showing up on the recording, and it helped me keep in time. The other bass parts and the guitar line were also recorded this way. All effect free, straight into the computer. Compression was applied to each in Reason, and to the guitar, Fuzz distortion and a phaser were used to create the strange, almost synth like sound. It's quite amazing the difference it made - it often seems that good 75% of guitar playing is finding the right tone for the moment.

Since at this song does actually feature me playing (three times over, in fact, fretless bass, slap bass and guitar) it will be entered into the MX Bass League competition for this month. I'll update later and say how it went!

    Oh - and as I'm sure my parents will read this, sooner or later, don't worry. The compositional report did get handed in on on time!
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