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I've been working on this one for a while. In my own opinion, it's the best song I've ever done. I'm quite incredibly proud of it. It's taken some time largely because of its complexity... there are seventeen seperate tracks in the Sequencer, including three tracks of automation. It features me playing Tap bass, Fretless bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar and Synthesizers.

It all started out some time ago with that tap riff, and it's been building slowly ever since. I've been a fan of tribal percussion since Greenbelt '05. There was a drum circle there, and it was just entrancing. It's a strange style of music - it can be upbeat and incredibly energising, or it can be ambient, mellow and relaxing, depending entirely on the mood of the listener. They also layer incredibly well.

The ambient synthesizer is relatively simple, really just an alternating two note pattern until the final section. The violins are slightly more complex. Drums, guitars and basses have quite a sharp attack. That is, they go from silent to loud almost instantly. Violins, on the other hand, build quite slowly. A soft attack. In order to get them to sound in time, I had to trigger the notes a short time before I wanted them to sound.

The acoustic guitar is still my favourite of the guitar lines I've written, and is quite incredibly fun to play. Drop an email or something in the feedback section if you'd like a tab. Actually, that goes for any of my music. :)

The fretless is played through a slightly overdriven preamp and a compressor, to keep the dynamic range in check, but to add that distinctive bite to the sound. It's the fretless bass again at the very end, running through a scale to the final ringing note, and fed through a very heavy triple-tap delay, with drastic panning. Almost more sound effect than music, but undeniably effective.


I'm glad to have this one finally finished. It's taken a long time, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Special thanks have to go to Justin, without whose almost worrying enthuiasm it likely would never have gotten done. : )

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