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Nocturne II

The obvious first question is 'What happened to Nocturne I?'.

Well, I only got hold of a copy of Reason 3.0 comparatively recently. Nocturne was a piece I composed using VSTis through Cubase SX2. Now, Cubase is a powerful sequencer, but for synthesis Reason beats it hands down. After a while, I came across an mp3 of Nocturne knocking around, and remade it with Reason. The sound quality is FAR better, and I was able to bring the song much closer to what I originally intended for it.

The lead instrument here is a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano - one of my favourite instruments. It has all the nuances of a conventional piano, but a far warmer tone. For a certain kind of ambient music, it really can't be beaten. However, for an epic sound, a conventional Grand Piano is best, so I brought one in for the climax of the song, underneath the sampled choir. Arpeggiators add a spacey feel to the choruses, and breaks up the subdued warm feel of the verses.

As a last note, I have become convinced that Winamp hates me. I put the finishing touches on a song, give it a final listen, smile, and turn on Winamp to listen to something else. Without fail, it selects a song which perfectly sums up EVERYTHING I was trying to do, much much better. In this case, 'Vaka', by Sigur Ros. Go give it a listen. It's beautiful.

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