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Evil Genius

This was recorded by my old band, in our drummer's bedroom. It was the only thing we ever got round to recording, and it's technically incomplete. There are one or two minor things to touch up, but mainly it's the lack of vocals. It wasn't written to be an instrumental, we just couldn't find a singer - and there are one or two points in the song which do suffer because of it. But as the band is now defunct for all practical purposes - though we do still jam on rare occasion - this is about as finished as it's going to get!

Evil Genius is (was):
Guitar: Danny Davies, Tom Masters
Drums : Tom Masters
Bass: Alex Griffiths

There shouldn't be too much that really needs explaining. There keyboard sounds in the bridge are produced using an eBow, an ingenius invention that uses electromagnets to induce vibrations in the strings of a guitar or bass. The drum sound we were quite pleased with, as due to limited equipment we had to capture the entire kit using a single Shure SM58 microphone. Guitar and bass were recorded directly, using an old Zoom effects unit as the DI.


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