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If you're a guitarist, bassist, or drummer, odds are good you've come across MXtabs. It's a large archive of tablature - easy to follow guides on playing particular songs. It's the way the vast majority of guitar, bass and drum players get started, as they require no special training to read, unlike traditional music notation.

MX Tabs is part of a network of sites, the other two being a large forum and a CD Reviews site. The forum is the biggest music forum in the world, and I've been going regularly for the best part of three years - I signed up to help learn bass, but soon became quite involved. before too long I was helping moderate the site - keeping things ticking over nicely, tidying up and keeping things organised, and banning/deleting advertisements, spam, obnoxious users, that kind of thing.

Today though, I was promoted again, to Administrator. Now, on one hand, to those not involved this may not seem a big deal. But to someone who's been contributing to a community for three years and helping run it for two, this is a BIG deal. I'm only the second admin to be added other than the founder of the site.

So... yes. I'm hugely excited.

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