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10,000 Days

Unless you've been living under a rock, you should have heard about 10,000 Days. It's the new album by Tool, released in two days time. The expectation is truly phenomenal, and it has a lot to live up to.

Aenima was a #1 album. Lateralus was a #1 album. And it has been 5 years since Lateralus, but even so I didn't expect this level of expectation for Tool's latest offering. For a band that never advertises, doesn't tour much (comparatively) and are so very guarded about their personal lives, Tool's fanbase is gargantuan.

In the last week, Vicariously has been Last.fm's most played track by a staggering margin. 59229 plays, demolishing last week's #1, which managed only 17499. In the overall artist charts, they've moved up a staggering 44 places in one week, putting them above the likes of Led Zeppelin and Queen.

Nightclubs around the country had Vicariously Launch parties. I know a lot of my friends were hugely excited about Preston's Warehouse club getting hold of a copy. Promising to play that track twice ensured the club was crammed full in record time.

And despite all this... I haven't heard it.

It's not that I'm not a Tool fan - I am. A big one. But I have no doubt it will sound better in the context of the album, and when I buy a copy on Monday (that's right - I'm not even going to try to download it sneakily) I want to hear the whole album in one sitting. I don't want to hear a second of it before then. I'm booking out one of the university's 5.1 ProTools recording studios, so I can listen to it in true audio splendour.

I have a ticket to see them at the Download Festival this June, where they'll be headlining the Friday night. A friend of mine is a true Tool-nut, and will be going on from the Festival down to London, to see them twice more. It's costing him hundreds of pounds he doesn't really have... proof of the fervour Tool seem to inspire wherever they go.

I have a copy on pre-order from Amazon. The official release is on Monday, but Amazon have been able to arrange posting it in advance, to arrive on Monday morning. This way I'm guaranteed a copy first thing on waking up. Is there a better way to start the day?

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